The PK consultants are industry experts, eager to understand and support your company’s philosophy, goals and culture. With unrivaled experience and knowledge, they will simplify the complex, dynamic landscape of benefits and prepare you to make educated, informed decisions.

Our Process

PK provides clients with a multi-level consulting team allowing access to several points of contact based on varying needs over time.  Our team utilizes technology tools to assist employers in controlling their health care costs by eliminating waste, monitoring care and improving the health of their employees and their families. Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Long-term Strategic Planning and Analysis to Control Spend
  • Development of Plan Design and Offerings
  • Proactive Structured Renewal Process and Negotiations
  • Contribution Strategy Modeling
  • Customized Open Enrollment Materials & Employee Education
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Administrative and Enrollment Support
  • Compliance Risk Control
  • Integrated Clinical Wellness Programs










PK Benefits Consulting enhances the experience for both employers and employees.

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